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WGT are proud to announce the arrival of a new concept in Chassis dynamometers the Dynapack 3000 Evolution.


Having been synonymous with rolling road tuning for 22 years WGT are now “taking vehicle diagnosis a quantum leap forward” Combining the latest stand alone engine management systems with this most up to date dynamometer gives us the ability to fine tune your car and ensures we have complete control over its power out put.

Dynapack prices:
£85.00 per hour, plus parts.
Power runs £60.00 (inc VAT) - includes colour printout.

Dave and Pip have been on a short visit to New Zealand…8 days to Dynapacks factory in Lower Hutt near Wellington, where they “fine tuned!” their knowledge of the recently acquired dynamometer. One day was also spent in Auckland at the workshop of Bob Homewood of Hitech Motorsport Ltd the premises of which were previously owned by the late great Possum Bourne. “Thank you Bob for your knowledge, time and hospitality”

Dave and Pip now intend to put their newfound skills into practice... so book early!

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