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Mazda RX7
WGT have many years experience in modifying and repairing Mazda RX7's of all ages, because of this we can offer the best service available at very competitive prices.

We have developed various upgrades of our own, including Exhaust Systems, Turbo II chips and recently we have developed a pair of High Flow Turbos in co-operation with Turbo-Technics, for Twin Turbo RX7's.

WGT Can Now also Supply Aluminium AST's and High Performance Intercoolers (complete with ducting) to there own specification (See Below for more details).

WGT can supply APEXi programmable ECU's for your Twin Turbo. We believe that these ECU's offer the best cost effective ECU upgrade available at this time, more...

Some of our Available Options For Mazda RX7 Cars
* A full range of servicing options for all RX7's (See Our Breakdown Section for a full price list.)

* Close Ratio Turbo II GearBox's

* Aluminium Intercooler and Ducting (See our Cooling Systems Section)

* Aluminium AST (Air Seperator Tank) (See our AST Section)

* Charge Cooler for Turbo II & Twin Turbo

* High Flow Turbos for Twin Turbo (See Our Turbo Section)

* Exhausts for all models (See Our Exhaust Section)

* Uprated Air Filters for all models (K & N, etc...)

* Pulley kits for Twin Turbo

* Billistein Shocks for Turbo II and Twin Turbo

* Suspension Mods for all models

* Fast road & competition engines for all models (See Our Engine Section)

* Uprated Carb Kits

* Uprated ECU's for Twin Turbo (See Our Engine Management Section)

* Chips for Turbo II

WGT can supply many other options for your RX Mazda, please Contact us for a quote.