General Servicing Prices:

* Full Service - £POA

* Standard Service - £POA

RX7 Servicing Prices:

* Full Service - from £380.75

* Lube Service - from £74.73
For Full RX7 Price list see Price Breakdown

MX5 Servicing Prices:

* Full Service - £POA

* Small Service - £POA

All Above prices exclude parts and VAT.

Servicing & Repairs
Just because we cater for motorsport doesn't mean we won't carry out work on your family car at very competitive rates

WGT can satisfy servicing needs for any make or model of vehicle, Whether it be a Fiesta or a Ferrari.

At WGT we have the facilities and the experience to carry out a thorough professional job. We are also able to undertake repairs to your vehicle, from replacement parts to complete engine overhaul.

Don't overlook a problem, just Contact us for a quotation.

Pro-cut On Car Brake Lathe

“Pro-cut the best on car brake lathe in the world” is designed to machine virtually any brake disc and eliminate brake judder and the necessity to replace expensive brake discs. The degree of accuracy resulting from the lathes onboard rate sensor and computer is important for high performance vehicles where tolerance requirements are high.